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Sadly, around the year 500 AD, the once plentiful palm had been completely wiped out, driven to extinction for the sake of conquest.In the centuries that followed, first-hand knowledge of the tree slipped from memory to legend. During excavations at the site of Herod the Great's palace in Israel in the early 1960's, archeologists unearthed a small stockpile of seeds stowed in a clay jar dating back 2,000 years. Amazingly, the multi-millennial seed did indeed sprout -- producing a sapling no one had seen in centuries, becoming the oldest known tree seed to germinate. Most animal species flourished and became extinct long before the first monkeys and their prosimian ancestors evolved.

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o An ecological profile can also be done on the land you are visiting.

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It can turn disease into health by allowing fungal infections to eat up its heartwood, leaving a hollow tree which, such is the tensile strength of all that twisted wood, continues to support the heavy crown of leaves. Having reached a sufficient size, it remains stable; it may resume growth, or not; and barring accidents, it can stay the same size until Doomsday.

Meanwhile branches loop down under their own weight until they touch the ground, and there they set root. So it is no simple matter to discover the age of a yew tree, and until recently most authorities had given it up as a bad job.

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