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All of the Arabian Gulf States prohibit prostitution and sex clubs.

However, as all press media tend to reveal, illegal sexual behavior is thriving. Even couples that are already married are looking for flats to experience a more sexual relationship beyond their “normal” married sex life.

And since the establishment of the kingdom, controlling the people could be done at a political level.

Yet, did all the precautions prevent people from committing “sins”? Alcoholic beverages are permitted in some form or another in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and UAE while they are forbidden in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Reports such as the one below are common for newspaper readers in this region: “There is also another side to Dubai’s booming market.

Most large hotels are little more than dens of prostitution.

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Jaw dropping adult action starring wives when enduring sex with black guys.Indian media have been publishing exposés documenting the foul behavior of Gulf Arabs in the southern Indian town of Hyderabad."Fly-by-night bridegrooms" by R Akhileshwari in the Deccan Herald and "One minor girl, many Arabs" by Mohammed Wajihuddin in the Times of India are two important examples.Wajihuddin sets the stage: They are old predators with new vigour.Often bearded, invariably in flowing robes and expensive turbans.

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