Dating power struggle

Women are far more intelligent than the men in the game. Women are smarter when it comes to dating — they hold all of the cards. The male in the relationship may handle a lot of the logistical communication of setting up dates, but taking a lead isn't all that matters in the dating game.As you probably know or are about to discover, common relationship problems start shortly after you move in together with your spouse.If in the initial stage of romantic love you've easily overlooked your partner's flaws, when the first stage of infatuation inevitably ends reality sets in and problems begin surfacing.Children can also feel powerless when they are not understood, supported, or protected by the adults in their lives, resulting in a chaotic environment.(Of course, this experience is different than the parent who is loving, but stern and consistent, which fosters a safer more predictable environment for children.) Hoffman defines power as “..potential for compelling unmotivated behavior in another person.” He extends this definition to encompass emotion — from childhood through adulthood, your sense of power is partly shaped by recognizing that you can alter the mood of those around you, by understanding that you have the ability to determine outcomes, both physical and emotional.

There are steps parents can take to regain control and end power struggles. One problem is that the more you argue or try to force the child to do something, often the more tempers flare.

Most women have plenty of men who vie for their attention, which allows women to pick and choose who to date. Regardless, don't complain because you know exactly what you're doing when you wear that dress.

I have recently discovered that we, as men, cannot change a woman's opinion of us. It's not an invitation for creeps to capitalize, of course, but the purpose of a nice dresses is to look good.

For example, if you tell your child to clean his room and he argues with you, the longer he argues, the more time he is wasting not cleaning his room.

Sometimes kids enjoy pushing their parent’s buttons in an attempt to get out of doing things.

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