Dr phil recommends dating before marriage

Have you ever wanted something that would just work ... Undoubtedly, you believe that it IS possible for a husband and a wife to enjoy a happy, loving, affectionate, and sexual marriage relationship together ... If a man has a problem, he will usually try to define the problem so he knows what it is that's bothering him and then he will try to find or create a solution. When a woman has a problem, she will generally just "feel" the problem. and she will keep "connecting" the problem and the associated bad feelings to a certain person ... at which point she will start moving AWAY from the person she blames the problem on.

you know all about diminishing love, affection, and intimacy ... You joke, you flirt, you dress nicer when you meet him for lunch or drinks, you write long e-mails or tap out furtive text messages. He's not your husband, and your husband doesn't know about this guy—whether he's your ex-boyfriend from college, your Facebook friend or your coworker.Is this the start of a beautiful (and innocent) friendship, or the beginning of the end of your marriage? Basically, emotional affairs occur when one partner is channeling physical or emotional energy, time and attention into someone other than the person they are in a committed relationship with to the point that their partner feels neglected.Am I either downplaying the relationship to friends or family members, or keeping it a secret altogether? Not only do we have the option to connect with someone at work, online "affairs" are rife, says Jessica Le Roy, founder and clinical director of the Center for the Psychology of Women. Many people have a hard time seeing what's so wrong about this type of friendship."Now, if you're thinking about your old boyfriend, you can probably find him on Facebook." Plus, online communication makes connection both easier and more intense, more quickly. Culturally, we tend to believe that cheating is having sex with someone other than your spouse, period.

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