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Here you will find original sales catalogs, vintage advertising, trade cards, etc., of piano and organ manufacturers as they appeared during their heyday.

Our Online Museum Gallery is continuously being updated.

The Online Appraisal Service is intended as a piano price point for those who are thinking of selling their piano, or who are searching for a used piano.

The Online Piano Appraisal Service can help you to determine the current market value range of your piano - if you are looking to buy or sell one, or just need a rough estimate of how much your piano is worth.

Sometimes these names were misspellings of famous companies with the intentions of capitalizing on the famous name. Blondel, G Bluthner, Julius Boardman & Gray Boernhoeft, J. Bogart Bohemia Bond Bord, Antonie Borgato Bosendorfer Boston Bradbury Bradley Brambach Braumuller Bremen Brentwood Brewster Briggs Brinkerhoff Brinsmead & Son, John Broadwood & Sons, John Burgasser & Co. Davenport - Treacy Davis & Son Daynes - Beebe Daytron De Blaise Decker Bros. Weydig Wheelock Whelpdale Maxwell & Codd LTD Whitman Whitmore Whitney Wilfred Willard Williams Willis Wilson Winter Winton Wissner Woodbury Woodchester World Sales Promotion Co.

Some piano dealers were that devious(and maybe some still are). Bergmann Berlin Piano and Organ Berry, Nathaniel Betting, Th. Burger & Jacob Bush & Gerts Bush & Lane Butler Bros Byrne Piano Co C Cabaret Cable, Hobart M. Cable & Sons California Pre-Piano Challen Pianos, Chas. Decker & Sons Deitemeir De Kalb Detmer, Henry Diapason Dietmann Disklavier Doherty Piano & Organ Company Doll & Sons, Jacob Dongbei Piano Group Duo-Art Pianola Reproducing Piano H Haddorf Haines Bros.

Many factors decide the value of your piano, one of the biggest being its overall condition.

It's possible that in the future some will be used again. Howard Acrosonic Howard Manualo Howard Howes & Son, Charles Huntington Hupfeld, Ledwig Hyundai K Karn Kaufmann Kawai Keller Bros. Knight, Alfred Kohler Kohler & Campbell Koth-Bayer Krakauer Bros. Raymond Reed & Sons Regal Pianos Regent Rembrandt Remington Reprotone Rhodes- Fender-Keyboard Instruments Ricca & Son Richardson Richmond Ridgeway Rieger Kloss Rippen Piano Co. Schiedmayer Schiller Schimmel Schirmer Schmoller & Mueller Schubert Schulz Schumann Sears Seeburg Seiler, Ed Selectra Settergren Sextrolla Seybold Shanghai Piano Co.

Not only a wonderful marquetry inlaid case but inside an historic invention known as the ‘Brinsmead’s System of Consolidated Iron Wrest-Plank’.

From the ‘History of the Pianoforte’ by Edgar Brinsmead (his brother?

LATE ENTRY Ever heard the saying "There's always room for one more".

Hammer Price: £30,000 EXTRAORDINARY BRINSMEAD SELLS WELL Lot 60 in our Auction Sale of the 22nd June 2017 realised the top end of our expectations.

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