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What once stood as an old laundromat now sits a new restaurant that balances classic and trendy – both in atmosphere and cuisine. Backed by experience gained from The Rio, this might be the new kid on the block, but they know what they’re doing.Named as “The Mason Street Five,” Andre Mouton, co-founder and former co-owner of the Rio partnered up with daughter Amelia Mouton, Seth Baker, Justin Bernhardt, and Sean Olander, all of whom previously worked at the Rio as well.It was while diving into the fried chicken when I longed for something similar up north.My husband and I talked about chicken and waffles and creative flavor combinations that we would love to taste.My mother, fresh off the boat, literally threw herself at my 6’2″ father and eventually they got married; but several years later she began to savagely hate him, abuse him, call him worthless and even summon the law on him, all out of a sheer hatred for his inability to make money and his general meekness and conservatism, which not by coincidence, Another one of my cousins only recently started pushing for a divorce less than four years after marrying her husband – who also is tall but extremely meek, and lacking in lucrative employment (being only a tutor).

We sat on the patio during a brisk autumn twilight with heat lamps radiating intense warmth above our heads.

I don’t believe there are innocent Asian woman White male couples; after opening my eyes to the harshness that these women conduct themselves – I no longer take pride in being born from a woman like this and I would rather to have never been at all; if the majority of them are disgustingly racist, why exactly should I give my mother, or anyone else who says “I’m not like that” – the benefit of the doubt; especially when their partners are all the same? And that’s merely breeching the whole litany of issues of being born a man of color to a woman who submitted herself to the virtual representation of endemic power on this sick planet we live on.

Remember when I said that I would expose Asian women for what they really were?

Haines is a familiar presence at the Hot Topics table, having served as a guest host more than 30 times over the last two years.

She’d be occupying the seat vacated by comedian Michelle Collins, who is exiting “The View” after just one year.

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