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When a fellow Redditor asked to see his 'list', he responded: 'Germany, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Thailand, England, Scotland, Azerbaijan, France, Australia, USA and I forgot New Zealand off my last list, I'm sure there is another one I'm forgetting.

Few families have escaped the warning sirens about sexual predators stalking children via the computer.

Don’t these two naughty minxes know that working out is serious business?

But Kira and Erica have a plan to soothe Terra’s hurt feelings.

NSFW: People of Reddit have revealed their most salacious sex stories - from love bite contests to sleeping their way around the world - after water_chestnut asked for details of the 'sluttiest' things they'd ever done One woman, known only as The Liz Kid and believed to be from Canada, confessed: 'Went out for drinks with my boss's boss.

Had sex with him in his car.' However in a bizarre turn of events, she added: 'Ended up marrying him so it's all cool.'Another Redditor recalled: 'I used to have a roommate that had been a bartender for Club Med, and he said they had a fantasy soccer game where you could only pick a player if you had slept with a girl from that country.

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