Social outcast dating

John - The son of the Director and Linda, John is the only major character to have grown up outside of the World State.

The consummate outsider, he has spent his life alienated from his village on the New Mexico Savage Reservation, and he finds himself similarly unable to fit in to World State society.

I would've saved myself so much agony if I knew and accepted these things: It seemed as if your social status in high school was partially based on whom you were seen tonguing in the hallway.

Here is a complete list of the high school couples I knew that are still together today:1)2)3)It might be a good learning experience and rite of passage, but it does determine your value or worth as a human being.

i'm afraid that people are beginning to know what's going on with me or maybe i'm just afraid. i quess alot of people are in my situation when it comes to that.

Unlike his famous namesake, Bernard’s discontent stems from his frustrated desire to fit into his own society, rather than from a systematic or philosophical criticism of it. He and Bernard are friends because they find common ground in their discontent with the World State, but Helmholtz’s criticisms of the World State are more philosophical and intellectual than Bernard’s more petty complaints.

As a result, Helmholtz often finds Bernard’s boastfulness and cowardice tedious. Lenina Crowne - A vaccination worker at the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre.

i have a family and i don't discuss this with them.

sorry, i'm actually writing in the wrong topic i guess.

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