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The characters are fully drawn, believable, and resonate true human emotion.

I at first was put off by the idea of seeing a movie about an old racist, but when I saw the numbers of people attending the screenings, I thought there must be something there, so I went to the Arclight in Hollywood, where the theater was packed.

I like what I'm doing and I hope it shows on the screen. It pays well, I get to meet some nice people and it allows me to play a lot of golf.

It's a great arena for me to experiment, to play a range of different funky characters.

said on 3/Jul/17 Great find Matt but I'm surprised how close to Seagal in height Eastwood looks in that photo. Clint was a weak 6'4'' I think, he surely couldn't have been much shorter don't buy 6'2''.

said on 20/Jun/17 It wouldn't be a surprise if he was 6ft2.75 or even 6ft2.5 alongside.

Now relive those films through the glorious music of Ennio Morricone.

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Lear, 94, said the unlikely pair were an item during an interview for Entertainment Weekly with Black-ish creator Kanya Barris (left)'No,' a shocked Barris answered. ''I've sat with [them] for an entire evening,' Lear said, adding that Walker and Coulter have been together 'for some time.'Lear said that he and his wife sat down for dinner with Walker and Coulter, 55, recently. He also told CNN that he was opposed to affirmative action and gay marriage, though he favored legalizing same-sex marriage since it was not an issue worth fighting over.

Critics say that her commentary veers into racism and white supremacism.

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Until there was any height loss in evidence, I doubt that Eastwood's height was ever called into question.

If you can live with that height loss (which I now can but I did question it previously) then all reference points otherwise point to a tall guy at peak, at least 6'3", prob 6'3 & 1/2" - and Clint's proportions, arms and legs save for short torso lend themselves to this height.

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